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<h1>About us</h1>

<p>Atom Airsoft Oy (Ltd.) was founded 2010 and it was originally an airsoft maintenance and upgrade service from Finland. We produced maintenance services to local airsoft players and bit by bit we increased our activity. At the moment Atom Airsoft offers a wide range of airsoft products to the Finnish airsoft market.</p>

<p>Our office and store is located in Hämeenlinna in Southern Finland. In our store you can see and test all the products which we have in stock at or</p>

<p><strong>Our staff</strong></p>

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<p><strong>Sakari Vyyryläinen</strong><br />
CEO<br />
+358 442360413 (on open hours)<br /></p>

<p>My job is to pull our company forward. </p>

<p>“My enthusiasm for airsoft hobby was born at age of 12 years old when I got my permission to buy my first spring action pistol (UHC G17) from local market. I am still to this date actively engaged into airsoft!”<br />
<br />
<strong>Krister</strong><br />
Store Manager<br /><br /><br />
<br />