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Frequently asked questions

» Do the products come with a warranty?
» What is your return policy?
» What is the criteria for your condition examination?
» What are the shipping costs?

Do the products come with a warranty?

Since we deal in used merchandise, we cannot provide a warranty for our products, unless a factory warranty is still in effect.

What is your return policy?

All our products have a 14 day return period.

What comes in the package?

The package includes products shown in the pictures or listed in the description
(for example if there is no battery or charger in the pictures they are not in the package either)

What are the criteria for your condition examination?

The condition examination is conducted using the following grading scale:

5 stars – “Like brand new”

Mechanically: The product is or seems like a new one. Moving parts move smoothly and have not worn marks on each other. The mechanics of the airsoft replica, gear or accessory are identical to a new item.

Cosmetically: No clear deficiencies can be observed without a magnifier. The original packaging and equipment is often included, but not always, so please check the pictures.

Note that 5 stars are given basically only for new or almost new items. 4 star items may be as good as 5 star items cosmetically, but we mark them 4 stars because we know they have been used more than just a few test shots.

4 stars – “In excellent condition”

Mechanically: The mechanical parts’ condition is really good. Replicas’ sound is the same as new. We give 4 stars for excellent-working replicas which are maintenanced by a professional even if there were some old parts in the gun.

Cosmetically: Normal wear observable. There may be small scratches or scuffs, but no dents or other marks apart from those resulting from normal use.

3 stars – “In good condition”

Mechanically: The product has been in good use and there is some detrition on the mechanical parts. 3 star replicas shoot still well and the guns’ sound is good. Some time passed from last maintenance. In any case, 3 stars replicas shoot as well as new and there are no broken parts.  

Cosmetically: Lots of notable signs of wear. Small dents, scratches or surface detrition in various places. Please see pictures on each product.

2 stars – “In moderate condition”

Mechanically: The replica shoots but there may be something abnormal or divergent in the shooting sound and the replica may sometimes shoot full auto with semi auto. All functions of the item may not be usable.

Cosmetically: More than average signs of use visible. Dents, scratches, wear on the surface and paint.

1 star – “In poor condition”

Mechanically: The replica’s shooting sound tells something about defect or the gun does not shoot at all. There are moderate or big problems with mechanical parts. The damage may be beyond repair, or it is only usable as spare parts.

Cosmetically: Many visible signs of wear on the exterior. The product’s condition may be beyond repair, or there might be no sense in repairing it anymore, and thus it might only be usable as spare parts.

What are the shipping costs?

We ship worldwide using Finnish Post and GLS. The international shipping cost is fixed 20€ per shipment.